Be The Best You Can Be In Sport – The Daily Journal


This is a 12-week day-to-day journal designed to become your constant companion as you live your way through sport and life. It is created as somewhat of a blank canvas for you in journaling. It is neither overly prescriptive or restrictive, but acts as a guide or framework. You can complete some, or all, of the challenges, prompts and practices included. How you use it is up to you.

This journal can help you develop good practices and habits, allowing you to build the momentum required to be a well-rounded person and self-managing athlete. It is divided into four-week blocks making it simple for you to plan, reflect, learn, measure progress and manage the process of trying to be the best you can be.¬†Throughout the journal, Sundays are used to plan for the week ahead and bring clarity with regard to how you want to spend your days. On Saturdays, you are challenged to reflect on your learnings from the previous week. Weekdays are used for simple morning and evening journaling exercises. Each day includes a ‘Morning Wellbeing Check-In’ and ‘Evening Wellbeing Markers’ section. Also, on weekday mornings, you are prompted to revert back to your ‘This is Me’ guide allowing you to really get to know and understand what is important to you as a person and athlete. Each four-week block concludes with a review of your learning, before the process continues.

This journal will both serve and challenge you in many ways.

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