Keynote Coaching Talks

  • ‘Building a Coaching World through the CARVER Coaching Framework’
  • ‘Creating a Learning and Performance Environment in Sport or Business’
  • ‘Athlete Journaling- A
     Simple Practice with Huge Potential to Improve Wellbeing and Performance’
  • ‘Mentoring the Athlete- A Simple and Time Efficient Practice that can Reap Powerful Return
  • ‘Finding the Next Level’…for the athls.ete

Club & Organisational Consultancy

This consultancy service is designed to curate the environment within a club or organisation where both the coach and athlete can learn, develop and ultimately thrive. The craft of coaching is elevated through driving awareness and alignment across all stakeholders.

“The best form of athlete development is coach development.”

1-1 Coach Mentoring

This service is designed to help the coach build their coaching world, and develop their coaching tools and skills through the principles of the CARVER Coaching Framework.

Team Workshops

These workshops are designed to build team identify and drive alignment, clarity and informed action in teams across sport and business. Workshops also cover the key skills and practices which drive performance and wellbeing.

1-1 Athlete Mentoring

This holistic performance and wellbeing programme is designed to help the athlete in developing identity, and the skillset required to be the best they can be in sport and beyond.

Bespoke Athlete/ Team Journals

Commission Paul Kilgannon to craft a bespoke journal your team or athletes can use throughout the season to improve performance and wellbeing. Journals can be crafted so as to be led by the individual coach, or supported by a multi-disciplinary coaching team.

Coaching Workshops

These are hands-on, practical coaching workshops across the domains of Sport and Business.