The CARVER Community for Positive & Impactful Sports Coaching

We are excited to bring you “The CARVER Community for Positive & Impactful Sports Coaching” starting on Monday 8th January 2024


A 3-month Coach Mentoring Programme designed and delivered by Paul Kilgannon to support coaches in defining, refining and redefining their Coaching Philosophy and Practice into a practical framework that will drive healthy and impactful coaching practices.

Participants will be supported by coach developers and likeminded coaches who want to share and expand their coaching practices and develop the knowledge, competencies and tools required to deliver the type of playing environment they believe their players and team deserve.

Course content will include:

· This is the Coach I want to Be

· This is My Coaching Team

· This is My Person, Player and Team

· This is My Game

· These are My Coaching Tools

· These are My Coaching Goals

· This is My Continuous Improvement System


For Who:

This programme is for coaches and mentors from all sports, ages and grades who genuinely want to feel more confident and fulfilled in their coaching and, make a positive and impactful contribution to the development and performance of their athletes and team.

We want coaches who appreciate and channel the power of sport and coaching for societal and performance betterment and have a genuine ambition to be the best coach they can be. We want coaches who are driven to serve with character, honesty, fairness and authenticity, and who would value the opportunity to learn from, and share experiences with, like-minded coaches.


The How:

This is an online programme with a minimum of 5 collective and small group live calls.

Through a bespoke physical coaching journal designed and written by Paul Kilgannon for this programme (provided to all participants), coaches will develop the self-reflection skills required to expand and refine their learnings. This journal will also support the work that is to be done from call to call. Participants in the programme will also gain access to a set of bespoke CARVER Coaching tools.

All calls will be recorded and distributed. Calls will average 60 minutes in length.

The When:

  • January to March 2024
  • Monday 8th & 22nd January, Monday 5th & 19th February19th and Monday 11th March
  • 7 pm Start Each Night