About me

Paul Kilgannon is a Coach and Athlete Mentor, Author and Creator of The CARVER Coaching Framework which is used internationally across a number of sports and industries. He helps people build their ‘Coaching World’ and consults with Sporting Organisations and Clubs, as well as Corporate Entities in the area of creating Learning and Performance Environments. He has a particular interest in Youth Sports Coaching and has spent my adult life coaching across all ages.

Paul believes strongly in a positive, holistic approach to coaching in sport- developing both ‘the person’ and ‘the athlete. He believes lessons learned in sport can and must positively contribute to all areas of life. Paul espouses Coach Development as the single most important agent for change in sport and all performance domains. Through his ‘CARVER Framework’, he provides a consultancy service and a variety of Coaching Workshops to coaches, athletes, teams, clubs and organisations across numerous sports and beyond.