Coaching Children in Sport



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Coaching Children in Sport- The CARVER Framework is a set of highly usable lenses and tools for the coach in team sport. This book is designed for coaches who wish to make a positive difference to the lives of young people, enjoy their coaching and develop as a coach. It is a book about learning and practice. Continuous learning is the job, and indeed the art, of coaching. This book is designed to assist you in building your ‘Coaching World’.
This is…. “Not another book of drills”

Book Chapter List:

Chapter 1:  What is Coaching in Child Sport?

Chapter 2: The CARVER Framework

Chapter 3:  Connection

Chapter 4:  Awareness

Chapter 5Research

Chapter 6: Values and Visions

Chapter 7: Endorsing

Chapter 8: Reflection

Chapter 9: Cohesive Collective Coaching and The Club Coaching Model

Chapter 10: The Power of the Club to Serve Community

Chapter 11: The End is Always the Beginning


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