Our Team Wellbeing & Performance Journal

This journal is designed to be used by the athlete in a team environment as part of a journaling programme that is led and overseen by the coach, or a member of the multidisciplinary coaching team. It is suitable for athletes of circa 14 years old through to adult level.

This journal will be a powerful asset for any team who wishes to continually strive for improvement, learning and excellence in a structure and efficient manner. Athlete journaling is a simple practice with huge potential to improve performance and wellbeing. Journaling together as a team or group is a powerful practice which can drive task and social cohesion, learning and improvement.

This is a six-month journal designed to become your athletes’ constant companion as they live their way through sport and life. It is created as somewhat of a blank canvas for the athlete and team in journaling. It is neither overly prescriptive or restrictive, but acts as a guide or framework. Athletes can complete some, or all, of the challenges, prompts and practices included. How your athletes and team use it is up to you.

This journal can help your athletes develop good practices and habits, allowing them to build the momentum required to be a self-aware and well-rounded person and self-managing athlete. The journal orientates around my signature ‘This is Me’ guide and is divided into four-week blocks making it simple for the athlete to set goals, plan, reflect, learn, measure progress and manage the process of trying to be the best they can be. Throughout the journal:

• Sundays are used to plan for the week ahead and bring clarity with regard to how the athlete wants to spend their days.

• On Saturdays, the athlete is challenged to reflect on their learnings from the previous week.

• Weekdays are used for simple journaling prompts that can be completed at any time of the day. Each weekday also includes a ‘Daily Challenge’ and prompts to Track Habits and register Feelings and Emotions.

• Each four-week block concludes with a review of learning, before the process continues. This journal will both serve and challenge your athletes and team in many ways.

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