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I hope this finds you well. Welcome to the first edition of the CARVER Coaching & Performance Newsletter. This week’s theme is …

Values and Character

Values provide both the coach and athlete with clarity and purpose; they help to build and develop character. Character drives behaviours, which assist us in acquiring and developing the skills required to reach our potential. Our values can act as our executive function; a decision-making framework. They remind us of the person we wish to be, and in truth every action we take should be a vote for that person. When setting goals, values should remain at the forefront of our consideration; they can keep us grounded and focused as we strive and toil. Values can guide us in our pursuit of excellence in our chosen craft.

It is important we define our values; as opposed to merely identifying them by name. When crafting a set of values, we should elaborate on what each one means to us personally, as well as the actions that embody them. Establishing a set of deeply rooted values is critical in fostering identity, as well as driving self-awareness and informed action.

Seeking to understand the values held by the athletes and coaches we work with is also a valuable exercise for both the coach and athlete. It can allow us to effectively tap into what it is that guides and drives those we strive with; it can allow us to understand, navigate and ultimately influence our environment in a productive manner. Taking time to share our personal values with others, will help us forge deeper relationships and contribute to a positive and open learning and performance environment. Congruence is key; values must be expressed through actions.

Values lived out become character qualities. Character is the foundation of the person. Sport is merely one vehicle we can use to develop our character and express our identity; there are many more. Clarity in who you are as a person, and how you wish to behave, can raise your performance level in whatever domain you chose to pursue.

What are the values that are driving your performance?

CARVER Insight

We are at the beginning of what is traditionally the busy period for coach development. The winter months are a good opportunity for coaches, clubs and organisations to reflect, take stock and plan for the year ahead. I am currently busy, both on the road and online, delivering keynote talks and workshops. The starting point for me when working with a group of coaches or leaders, is to begin by establishing a shared appreciation of what constitutes ‘good coaching’.

Some people have a very limited, and limiting, perspective of coaching. To put it bluntly, they simply don’t know, what they don’t know. This can be very limiting for any club or organisation and its people, especially if these people are figures of influence. In order for a coach to flourish in an environment, the environment must encourage and support good coaching behaviours and practices.

In anything we do as a collective, be it performing or coaching, it is extremely challenging for us to work together in any sort of cohesive and productive manner, if we do not have a common appreciation and understanding of what it is we are striving to do together. Unity is key; in mind, body, and spirit, because … In Unity There is Strength. To quote an old African Proverb…

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

And so as I hit the road, or login online, my primary objective is often simply to lead the coaches and leaders I am working with to somewhat of a shared appreciation of the breath and expanse of this thing we call coaching. This is ultimately the reason why I created the CARVER Coaching Framework. My original efforts at helping coaches failed miserably, as I could not articulate in an engaging manner what coaching is. The CARVER Coaching Framework was born from this struggle.

La Luta Continua,


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