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I hope this finds you well. This week’s theme is…

The Mid-Year Review

Today marks the 26th week of the CARVER Coaching and Performance Newsletter; half a year… so I thought I’d give you a bit of a mid-year review.

I took this newsletter on to raise the profile of my work and provide quality content in the area of coach and athlete development. This is in keeping with our mission in CARVER Coaching and Performance which is:

“To improve the standard of coach and athlete support for performance and societal betterment.”

So as I reflect at this juncture, I ask myself what have been the stand out learnings from my efforts. Below are 3 of them … and I would suggest they are applicable across all performance domains.

✓ It has proven a significant challenge to provide high-quality free content on a weekly basis. On reflection, I should have gone with a fortnightly offering, or indeed every three weeks. Experience is a great teacher. I am still unsure how I will progress with this newsletter but it will certainly move to fortnightly, or maybe every three weeks. I guess I have 2 weeks to decide. One of my core principles in coaching has always been the MD Principle…Maintainable and Doable… I need to bring this newsletter to a place where it is maintainable and doable considering my other commitments.

✓ High quality work takes time, but it pays. I have been really lucky that we have had

incredible engagement with the newsletter with our opening rate over twice that of the

industry average. On average I put about 5 hours a week into the newsletter. As in all

performance domains, there are many unseen elements in delivering quality. However, there is no substitute for hard work and quality goes far… the devil is in the detail.

✓ A final lesson would be that one should start to save and accumulate resources before you feel you need them. Since I began the newsletter I have gathered email addresses from every talk and presentation I have done. Prior to this I had stood in front of thousands upon thousands of coaches. I would like to think I had made some level of impact on them, but had no way to reach them thereafter. It was something someone suggested to me early on, that I would get email addresses from those I presented to, but I fobbed off the idea. Had I begun to collect contact details earlier I would have had a significantly broader reach.

Anyway…. so what now… what’s next?

I believe we are on a powerful path with CARVER Coaching and Performance. Our mission is noble, but our challenge is mighty. As with all small businesses the greatest challenge is to actually stay in business while you build and develop your offering. We want to produce high quality work that can impact many.

Below are some of our current workons…

• I am currently co-authoring a book on coaching in the workplace which will detail how The CARVER Framework can be utilised to drive coaching as a behaviour in the workplace. It has been a slow burner and carving out the time for it has been a huge challenge. However, the struggle is the pathway and the project’s potential for good is vast.

• We continue to produce both generic and bespoke wellbeing and performance journals for teams across multiple sports and indeed for the general population. I believe in the power of journaling and will continue to champion this practice.

• We continue to support coaches, athletes and clubs across a number of sports with a focus on structured, systematic interventions.

• Finally, we are currently working on a project that I believe can truly deliver on the mission of CARVER Coaching and Performance. This is a big body of work but if we stay strong I am confident we will deliver and it will have a great impact. I hope to share the detail of this project with you in the coming months.

So as I work away on these projects (and many more) I want to mark this milestone by sharing links to each of our previous 24 newsletters. They were written to a theme and I believe that structure has served us well. Perhaps you might re-read one (or more) that catches the eye.

As always I appreciate any and all feedback. It is great to hear peoples’ perspectives on my work. Feedback is a gift for the athlete, the coach and the indeed the writer.

I will be back to you in 2 or 3 weeks to continue the revolution. Know that between now and then I will be busy working on the above.

I am incredibly grateful to you for giving your time to my work.

Viva La Revolution


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