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In high-pressure situations, it is common for concentration to waver, leading to hesitation and self-doubt. This affects even the highest performers, but what sets them apart are the strategies they utilise to deal with challenges. A strategy eliminates uncertainty, boosting confidence and composure; a strategy puts the performer in control. Below is a simple overview of the Reset-Refocus-Re-engage strategy.


Reset: To start, we must quickly move on from the error or distraction, eliminating unhelpful thoughts and staying in the moment. This mental reset involves techniques like calming breaths, visualizing a composed response, and using self-talk to release mistakes. A simple cue, such as “It’s okay, mistakes happen,“ can be effective.


Refocus: Next, we redirect our focus towards our immediate goal and how we can make an impact. Prioritising aspects under your control, like work-ethic, intensity and energy ensures a consistent positive influence on the game. The trick is to identify the next task or area where you can contribute.


Re-engage: With renewed focus and eagerness, we step back into the challenge. This means actively engaging with the new focus, visualizing the desired response, and channelling the necessary determination and energy. It is necessary to recognise what aspects you can control to re-engage effectively.


The Reset- Refocus- Re-engage strategy is a valuable tool for athletes, coaches, and individuals to regain composure and commandeer the mindset required to overcome challenges, in sports and beyond. Adopting this process-oriented approach for minor setbacks can prepare you for more significant challenges in the future.


How can you incorporate this simple strategy into your coaching?

CARVER Insight

Part of my work involves helping sports clubs to develop and articulate their coaching philosophy, and embed structures and processes that can help them deliver on their vision, through coaching. At CARVER Coaching and Performance, we have developed a simple model we call the CARVER Club Way. It is designed to support clubs who want to contribute in a meaningful way to the health of their community through providing quality coaching and vibrant sporting environments; clubs that see ‘the big picture.’ I am proud of the work we do in this space, but fully appreciate that it is the volunteers on the ground that do the real work. Our role is simply to provide some expertise and guidance along the way. It is what happens after we do our work that turns the dial.


This week I’d like to mention two clubs we work with. Firstly, Carryduff GAC in Co. Down who last Friday officially launched The Carryduff Way. This is a detailed roadmap for the future of coaching and playing in Carryduff and provides a basis for security for the clubs and its members for the years to come. It has been a great experience working alongside Orla and the crew there. They are people who want to do the right things for the right reasons and this is to be admired. Secondly I’d like to mention Kilmeena GAA club in Co. Mayo who won the County Intermediate Championship last Saturday. This is a club that came up from the Junior ranks only two years ago and will now play Senior football next year. It’s been great  to work with John and the crew there. It is mighty to see a club who are enjoying the harvest of the present, while actively sowing seeds for the future.


Sport has the potential to change the world and clubs and organisations who learn how to work together to co-ordinate their efforts in an intelligent manner hold the keys. I’ll sign off with a favourite African saying…


It takes a village to raise a child,



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